« Ce qui me manque »,Téhéran IROMEDIA, Iran, Séptembre 2022

The specified #IROMEDIA platform was provided for the purpose of systematized introduction and interaction of the new media artists at the high level of the global contemporary arts. This opportunity makes contribution to identification, analysis, collection, and protection of the Iranian artists’ productions on the basis of a local discourse with respect to the present new media events in world.

The first annual Iromedia is a special exhibition of video art and installation art in participation with France and the #VIDEOFORMES international digital arts festival as the guest of the first annual event.


Extremely honored and proud to present my installation
« Ce qui me manque »
at Dayhim House of Culture / Teheran

At the invitation of Iromedia curated by Gabriel V Soucheyre with the artists Golnaz BEHROUZNIA, Francesca FINI, Agnés GUILLAUME, Regina HUBNER, Christine maigre.

In this event, 9 works of this festival’s selected works will be shown. All of these works will be represented with directorship of @Gabriel_Soucheyre, Director and Founder of the @VIDEOFORMES festival and invited curator of the exhibition.
The selected artists are as follow:

@Agnes_Guillaume @Franseca_Fini @Isabelle_Arvers @Regina_Huebnerart @Christine_Maigne @Golnaz_Behrouznia
@safpeminstitute @videoformes @dayhimartsociety
@khanehmobileiran @collectgallery @honar.andisheh.novin
@gabriel_v._soucheyre @agnesagnesguillaume
@golnazbehrouznia @zabarvers
@francescafini @christinemaigne
@reginahuebnerart @galleria_weber
@exoartlab @pirartir24
@silentartvoices @epsoniran

Soundtrack Arthur Lacomblez, Jack Bartman